Run a staff competition to drive office enthusiasm!

run a staff competition

Branded arcade machines to boost social media!

Here at Arcade Direct, we are experts in creating fully branded arcade machines that can be tailored to your business to create a competition or incentive for your staff. 

Short term & long term hire: Whether you are looking for a custom arcade machine to hire for a few days, weeks  or you are looking to buy a custom arcade machine as a permanent feature, we can really help to make your concept a reality! 

Offering bespoke services to our clients is what we do best and we often produce one-off or even a range of special limited edition arcade machines to add that special touch to a  team building day. 

Custom boxing machine review

Unique team building – without leaving the office!

Companies with a fun and creative approach are always on the lookout for something a little different, and that’s exactly what we can offer!

Work with us on creating your very own custom arcade machine, from boxers to dance machines, and create an in-house competition to encourage team building, a bit of healthy competition, and raise your brand awareness at the same time. 

#hashtag it!

With the increasing use of social media, a custom arcade machine is also great for creating a real buzz that will be talked about for months to come! Why not consider adding your social media details on the side or add a hashtag for maximum exposure?

Employees are guaranteed to use the hashtag and talk about who is winning the competition so it’s a great way to create a real buzz around your event. 

Bespoke graphics for your PR campaign

Working with our graphics reproduction team, we can either re-create original artwork to make your machine look like new or completely transform it to match the competition or PR campaign you have in mind. 

All of our bespoke, customised machines are beautifully hand crafted and there’s a range of upgrades we can do to create the arcade machine of your dreams.

Classic Competition!

Depending on the competition you have in mind, we can create a modern arcade machine to play all of the latest games or a classic retro arcade machine to play old school games.

Add a little retro nostalgia…

Custom arcade machines could be used in many different locations and let’s face it, they are a cool addition to add to any corporate space! They’re the ultimate statement piece, whether in the office, at a company event or as part of a games room and they will definitely help o drive morale and enthusiasm in the office. 

classic arcade games

Encourage interaction and improve mental well being in the workplace

Many companies have begun to offer incentives for staff, in the form of internal competitions. For example, Virgin Atlantic placed a dance machine in their head office, and gave away an amazing holiday to one of their lucky employees for getting the highest score.

Companies are trying to build team relationships, and get people away from their desks at break times. Research shows by taking part in something fun and interactive during the working day, it will release happy chemicals, and improve your sense of well being. By having happy staff, you are sure to have a more productive team!

Some examples of machines you can hire:

Boxing Machine: Allow your employees to let off some steam by taking it out on the punch bag! Offer rewards for the highest scores, and runners up. Prizes could include an extra days holiday or a voucher for their favorite restaurant! Boxing machines are really popular, and we can even custom brand it for you.

Dance Machine: Get the music going and a sing along for those not dancing! You can either go on the highest score, or offer a prize to everyone who takes part. This doesn’t have to be anything big, it could just be early finishes on Fridays for a month, or free snacks! Take a look at our dance machine for hire.

Grabber Cranes: A prize every time! This is a great way to get people out of their seats over lunchtime. These are perfect for staff events, as you can fill them with whatever you like. You could have a load of plastic balls, with messages in each ball including a challenge or a question or comment to make people think, it will be fun for everyone to see what their message says!

In the example below you can see how Snap Chat included their own custom soft toy, which was shared far and wide on social media, making a great brand presence to potential customers!

Don’t be surprised if after the campaign you have an influx of CV’s with keen future employees, you look after your staff well it seems!

Place in a breakout area of the office

Arcade Machines are not only a fun addition to a space but can also be used for team building purposes too. Arcade machines may be a great way to evoke discussion and provide some fun competition amongst the employees. This is the best placement for running a competition too! Depending on the type of competition you have in mind, there are a variety of gaming solutions.

From a classic retro arcade machine with games such as Pac-man, Space Invaders, Time Crisis, Street Fighter or a Pinball Machine to the claw grabber cranes. 

Take the competition outside of the workplace, and involve potential customers!

Perfect for a PR, corporate or roadshow event an arcade machine adds some interactive element to invite customers to come and speak to you! We have helped companies such as Juicy Couture and Top Shop to set up bespoke exhibitions in shopping centers.

This is incredibly effective for brand awareness, as people hashtag their experience on social media. Whether you are launching a new product, service, or just running a one-off-campaign, we can help you to organise something effective and unique.

We can brand your own custom boxing machine, dance machine, grabber crane, or just about anything else! This will stand out from a normal arcade machine to bring an action-packed feel to your event. You have the freedom to customise your machine to make it fun and eye-catching and using images, slogans and branding you will be making your business more memorable in the process too! 

custom hashtag

Grab attention and gain new customers

Attract potential customers walking past! People love to play competitive games and won’t be able to resist all the fun! Why not start a competition between everyone with prizes to be won as this will no doubt keep everyone engaged? 

For example, there have been several brands and businesses that have run successful campaigns with a custom boxing machine. This includes Juicy Couture that had their fantastic personalised boxing machine in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. This was a hit with passers-by who loved to test their punching skills on the machine. The machine featured a hashtag displayed on the side of the machine for everybody to talk about it on social media, with the chance to win daily prizes from Juicy Couture.

custom machines branded

We have helped some fantastic brands!

Another fantastic advertisement for Bulk Powders was their custom boxing machine that featured Boxer, Anthony Joshua. This was featured at the Body Power Experience and guests loved having a go. It was an instant hit everybody loved the competition of seeing if they could beat the high score. What’s more, Bulk Powders used it as a chance to advertise their brand, with their own hashtags and branding features on the boxing machine.

Of course, it is not just businesses that will love designing a custom boxing machine; everybody has the opportunity to join in the competition and get involved! You can use any images, logos or messages that you want to on the boxing machine to make it special and one of a kind.

How can arcade Direct help bring this to life?

You have the opportunity to choose how you want to advertise or style your custom arcade machine and we can help you to bring all your ideas to life. You can be the next big business to feature one of these fantastic machines, alongside Topshop, Snapchat, Marr Clothing and Activision. Our design team works hard to make sure that everybody loves their custom machine and once you’ve tried one competition in the office, you are sure to find it’s been the best thing ever for your business to bring everyone together and create a great team spirit.

So, come and join in the fun today with Arcade Direct! Click one of the links below to find your perfect machine

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Nell JonesNell Jones
12:22 29 Jun 22
We used Arcade Direct for a Boxing machine at the NEC. We chose them party due to the competitive price but also for the quick quote and helpful, clear communication. The machine was fully branded and looked fantastic. It was an absolute draw at the show and remarked on by many as the best entertainment there, bringing a lot of attention to our stand. During the show there was a part broken (no-ones fault) and Mark's support was brilliant with a courier sent immediately with a replacement to our Air bnb during the evening in time for the show opening the next day. We will definitely work with them on any future shows.
Alice ChambersAlice Chambers
17:08 18 Aug 20
Highly recommend Arcade Direct. Mark was so helpful when i queried the status of an order of a Gaming Chair. As the delivery date was longer than expected i had to cancel however the customer service i received was fantastic.
Kat SmithKat Smith
08:48 17 May 20
I recently ordered a gaming chair & was really happy with the service. Mark was really helpful & the delivery was much quicker than expected!
Lee GiacopazziLee Giacopazzi
09:58 31 Oct 19
I have had the pleasure of working with Arcade Direct several times. I can personally attest to their customer service and I have seen first-hand how their arcade machines transform events and venue spaces. I often recommend them to my personal contacts and clients.
Emily TylerEmily Tyler
13:08 16 Oct 18
Would highly recommend Mark & the team not only for hiring their Arcade Machines but for their event planning and theming too which cannot be faulted!