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Arcade Machine Repair

Arcade Machine Repair, Service & Refurbishment

At Arcade Direct we offer arcade machine service, arcade machine repair, and complete arcade machine refurbishment. Whether your machine is a late 90’s Sega Rally 1, collectable Star Wars Pinball, or even a grabber or pusher machine, our team of trained technicians can make your old machines look and operate like new.

Do you have an old arcade machine? Considering disposing of it to make room for a new cabinet? Well we can SAVE you money!

Arcade Direct can collect your machine from anywhere in the UK using our dedicated arcade machine removals service, and service, repair or recondition your machine at our extensive warehouse facilities in the Northwest.

Should you decide to get your old arcade machine refurbished by Arcade Direct, we will not only enhance the appearance of your machine, we will also strengthen it and enhance its performance. Working with an experienced team of metal workers, computer experts and graphic designers, we can make your old machines look and perform better at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine.