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Arcade Machine Repair

Arcade Game Repair, Service & Refurbishment

If your machine has stopped working or is suffering from a glitch then you will need a repair service.
At Arcade Direct we offer arcade machine servicing and refurbishment on a huge range of cabinets. Our skilled engineers will diagnose your issues and provide a quote based on your requirements. We can fix all kinds of games, from a late 90’s Sega Rally 1, collectable Star Wars Pinball, to a grabber or boxer machine.
Our team of trained technicians can make your old machines look and operate like new. We service all parts of the UK and can collect your machine from anywhere location using our dedicated arcade machine removals service. We will then and service, repair or recondition your machine at our extensive warehouse facilities in the Northwest.

arcade machine repair

We can service all types of gaming machines, however gambling machines such as fruit machines are not covered.

Machine Refurbishment

If you are considering disposing of your old machine to make room for a new cabinet, we can SAVE you money!

Should you decide to get your old arcade machine refurbished, we will not only enhance its appearance, but we will also enhance its performance. We have a team of experienced metal workers, computer experts and graphic designers. This means we can make your old machines look and perform better at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Fancy some customisation on your new overhaul?

At Arcade Direct we offer a full cabinet customisation design service so you can give it the wow factor! Choose a bespoke design, but your own images on or company branding.

Cabinet Repair

If your arcade machine has been damaged in the home or work environment we can assist. Whether it’s accidental damage or damage due to a fire, flood or theft, customers will often want to claim on their insurance.

Insurance Quotations

We are able to provide your insurance company with a full quotation including images and a video. Our service team can advise on the cost to fix the cabinet (should this be possible) or a price to supply a new like-for-like cabinet should it be beyond economical repair.
Within 24-hours of your claim being accepted by the insurance company, we can arrange to have your cabinet collected by our dedicated courier service. The repairs will then be carried out in our warehouse, ensuring a swift and hassle-free solution.

Controller Damage

If the systems are in working order but some of the elements have broken we can provide a competitive quote. Joysticks, buttons and other controls can be repairs or replaced so that your machine is as good as new.

Monitor Repair

It’s important those graphics remain quality, so if you notice lines appear or the images aren’t as sharp you may want to get it repaired.

Motherboard Maintenece

After a while like any computer, retro hardware can tire and don’t last forever. The batteries can sometimes leak and the delicate boards can fail.

Common problems that need repair

You name the issue, we have seen it. Arcade games are intricatly engineers masterpieces, so a lot can go wrong. below are a few of the common problems we face:

  • No Sound
  • No Video
  • Lights gone off
  • Machine has stopped accepting coins
  • Joystick broken or working in one direction
  • Buttons not working
  • Failed Motherboard

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