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Business Rental

We have hired our cabinets to businesses of all industries and size over the years. These games are a popular choice in providing something both cool & interactive for your staff and customers.
Arcade machines are a great addition for any break area or chill out space for employees.
Happy staff = Healthy Business after all!
Many companies are following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google to offer forward-thinking solutions to improve staff wellbeing and of course, productivity.

Arcade machines are also popular for Pubs, Salons, Play Centres and other tourist attractions. By keeping customers engaged they are more likely to stay longer and therefore this can increase the bottom line in your business.

The companies we work with have also found an immense uplift in their social media and brand engagement as people share their photos and tag them in!

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Customise your machine!

We can brand your machine with your bespoke design or company branding.
Personal Hire

Personal Hire

You may be looking to improve your home games room and a classic or modern arcade game it the ideal choice! Many celebrities have been known to hire games for their home. Our wrapped boxing machines have been a big hit with footballers. What set’s us ahead is that not only can we hire the games, we can customise them too!
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Kit out your home games room!

Hire our machines plus much more!

How does the long term hire service work?

Here at Arcade Direct, we offer a large range of machines on ‘reduced rate’ long-term hire agreements for busy clubs, pubs and bars. We will install and maintain the highest quality retro arcade machines at the most cost-effective price, meaning you not only have a collectable piece of nostalgia in your venue for your guests to enjoy, but you can also earn an additional income at the same time! We already lease arcade machines to many venues across the UK, from large shopping complexes to tourist attractions, children’s play centres, nightclubs and bars!

Arcade Direct is one of the leading suppliers of retro arcade machines, with a wide selection of gaming cabinets available in the UK and currently shipping worldwide! We pride ourselves on the quality of the machines we provide to our clients, and the time spent in reconditioning them to their former glory. Over the past decade in the industry we’ve worked with clients including IVECO Trucks, Walt Disney, Sony Entertainment, The Cooperative Group and the MOBO organisation to name just a few!

Long Term Hire FAQ (1)

  • How profitable are arcade machines on long-term hire?

    How profitable arcade machines can be on a long-term hire all depends on the venue the machines are situated in, along with the type of machines. In a busy commercial space, which also serves alcoholic beverages, machines such as Boxing Machines, Time Crisis II Twin and Dance Machines can generate substantial revenues. It’s also helpful to create rewards-based initiatives to drive traffic to the machines. Things like “win a free beer if you can beat the top score” and guaranteed to increase revenue from the machines.