Crazy Taxi Arcade Machine Hire

Daily Hire Price

£295.00 Exl VAT

Long Term Hire: £50.00+ VAT per week

Introducing the adrenaline-pumping thrill ride that will take your arcade experience to the next level – Crazy Taxi Arcade Machine! Strap in and prepare for the most intense, high-octane driving adventure of your life.

Delivery Information: The below pricing is for guidance only. Exact transport costs will be advised on requesting your quote.
Manchester / North West £150.00 each way
Birmingham / Midlands £250.00 each way
London /South £350.00 each way




Measurements are approximates and may vary between products.

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The Crazy Taxi Arcade Machine brings the beloved and iconic SEGA classic to life in a visually stunning and action-packed arcade cabinet. This cutting-edge arcade masterpiece is designed to capture the heart-pounding excitement of real-life taxi driving, all from the comfort of your favorite arcade spot.

Key Features:

  1. High-Definition Graphics: Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and detailed city landscapes with high-definition graphics that deliver an eye-popping visual experience like no other.
  2. Intuitive Controls: Grab the wheel and take control of your virtual taxi with easy-to-use and responsive controls, giving you the feeling of being a real taxi driver on the busy city streets.
  3. Time Pressure Gameplay: Every second counts! Race against the clock as you navigate through crowded streets, taking shortcuts, and performing daring maneuvers to reach your destinations on time.
  4. Iconic Soundtrack: Get ready to rock out as you drive with an electrifying soundtrack featuring high-energy tunes from renowned bands and artists, enhancing the adrenaline rush of the gameplay.
  5. Multiple Game Modes: Test your driving skills in various game modes, including Arcade Mode, Time Trial, and Crazy Box Challenges. Each mode offers a unique and challenging experience, keeping you entertained for hours.
  6. Unlockable Content: As you progress, unlock additional taxis and drivers, each with their own distinct characteristics, enabling you to tailor your experience to your driving style.
  7. Multiplayer Fun: Challenge your friends in head-to-head multiplayer races, adding an element of competition and social interaction to your arcade experience.