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Do you have a need for speed? Driving arcade machines are popular with all ages and they offer hours of fun. Speed around famous racing tracks around the world in your favourite virtual car or bike. Here at Arcade Direct, we are one of the leading retro arcade machine specialists in the UK.  Our extensive range of machines means that you can enjoy a blast from the past with some of the most popular games of all time. We offer machines to purchase for your home or hire out for any event.

Machines with a need for speed

Are you organising an event? Whether this is for a special occasion with your loved ones, such as an anniversary or celebration, or you are in charge of the office party for the year, we can help you at Arcade Direct. Depending on the theme of your event, driving games may well fit perfectly as the main attraction for your guests. We offer short term hire for single events, or long term hire for brand activations. We can also fully customise your machine!

You can enjoy long term hire on some of the biggest games of all time. From Sega Rally to Manx SuperBike, The twin racing arcade machines mean that two people can take part in a competition. We also offer fantastic event hire packages!

Make a party unforgettable

One way to make sure that any party successful is great entertainment. Hiring driving arcade machines is a sure hit! Car enthusiasts have the opportunity to race their friends and with some healthy competition. The arcade machines are suitable for all ages and adults will have just as much fun children. You can choose between car racing and motorbikes, depending on your preferences. We have some great classics that everybody is going to be familiar with! Hire or buy our machines direct.