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Arcade Direct has access to Europe’s largest collection of Arcade Games so if you don’t see the machine you want on our website, please do contact us as we may have access to that machine!

With a fantastic selection of machines for sale, it has never been easier to own your favourite retro arcade games. Whether you are looking to purchase a machine for your home games room, or within your business, you will find lots of choice.

Dig Dug Mini Arcade Machine for Desk

Desktop Mini Arcade Games

Compact nostalgia with big fun! Enjoy classic arcade thrills on your desktop. They come with cool accessories too!

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Air Hockey Tables

Air Hockey Tables

Amp up the excitement with fast-paced, thrilling gameplay. Bring the arcade home for endless fun and friendly competition.

Air Hockey Tables
Luxury Gaming Beanbags

Ultimate Gaming Beanbags

Unparalleled comfort meets cutting-edge design, creating the perfect throne for immersive gaming and relaxation.

Luxury Beanbags

Arcade Machine Buying Guide (11)

  • How much do arcade machines cost?

    You can pick up cheap replicas from as little as £200, but if you are wanting an original quality machine this is much higher. You can expect to pay between £1000-£4000 for a refurbished quality cabinet.

  • How do I buy an arcade machine?

    This isn’t a small purchase, so you may want to make sure the machine is as you expect. There are a few options. You can buy online through our website, and we can then discuss delivery, warranty and send videos and photographs. Alternatively if you want to come and see the machine in person, you can come to our showroom or workshop before you buy.

  • How tall are arcade machines?

    The height will vary depending on the type of machine, but a standard size for an upright cabinet is around 185 cms tall.

  • Which arcade machine should I buy?

    To make your decision on which machine to buy, firstly think about the type of machine you would like. This might be an upright, a multiplayer or show stopping piece. You might also want to go for a theme such as Star Wars. If you are buying a machine for a games room, you might prefer a Pool Table or Air Hockey machine.

  • Can I rent these machines?

    Yes, absolutely! All of our retro machines are available to hire for single events, parties, or long term hire for business.

  • Are the machine's coin-operated?

    The machines can be set to either “coin operated” or “free play” dependant on what the customer wishes to use the machines for. When hiring for a corporate or private event, all machines will be set to free-play as standard.

  • Why are the original machines better than replicas?

    Original machines are always more popular than replicas as they are the real thing! The actual machine you may have played in your youth at the pub, bar or even taxi office.

  • What happens if my machine gets damaged?

    If the machine gets damaged / reports a fault, our standard warranty applies which can be found in our terms and conditions. The warranty does not cover malicious damage (vandalism) and varies whether you have purchased the machine for personal or commercial use.

  • How are arcade machines delivered?

    All machines are delivered by our own 2-man team on tail lift vehicles.

  • Who will set up my arcade machine?

    On arrival, our team will install and commission your machine. Sign off is only required once the machine is fully installed and tested as working in your property. Unlike some other companies we do not operate any “curb side only” deliveries.

  • Do you offer a repair and maintenance service?
    • We offer a full repair and maintenance service for all retro arcade machines. If you have a machine with a fault, please email over an image of the machine along with a video of the fault and our team can advise on the repair quote.