Original Pacman Arcade Machine

£2,995.00 Exl VAT

Arcade Direct are pleased to offer this original quality refurbished Pac-Man cabinet. Now you can own a piece of retro gaming history for your very own home or venue.

You can also hire the Pac Man cabinet for a short or long term basis.

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North West £75.00
Midlands £150.00
London £250.00
Far South £350.00
Highlands £350.00


Namco’s beloved creation, Pac-Man, hit the arcades in the US in 1980 thanks to Midway and quickly became a hit with gamers across the world.

The game: This was the first game of its kind and a far cry from the space shooters that were common around that era. Pac-Man requires players to navigate the character of Pac-Man, a yellow, pie-shaped circle, throughout a set of mazes. Along the way gobbling up the dots littered throughout whilst avoiding the four ghosts roaming the level.

The ghosts are Pinky (pink ghost), Blinky (red ghost), Inky (blue ghost) and Clyde (orange ghost), each of which have their own characteristics. To complete a maze and progress to the next level, Pac-Man must survive and clear all the dots from the maze.

Dotted throughout each maze are bigger ‘energiser’ dots which, when scoffed, make Pac-Man invincible for a limited amount of time and allow him to destroy any ghosts that may get in his way – a very useful ‘power-up’ during the higher levels where difficulty and intensity increases.

The game is scored on how many dots you swallow and how far a level you reach with fruit, such as cherries, making an appearance in the mazes which can be gobbled to provide bonus points. With a limited number of lives per credit, the aim is to get as far into the game as possible to gain a high score to beat your friends or previous players.

Additional information

Weight 181.436948 kg
Dimensions 80 × 63 × 174 cm
  • Power: All machines require a standard 13amp socket. The machines should ideally be placed on separate sockets and not multi-plug extension cables.
  • Warranty: All machines purchased from Arcade Direct will be covered by the following warranty unless otherwise stated:
    • New machines purchased for domestic use – 12 months back to base parts and labour.
    • Refurbished machines purchased for domestic use – 3 months back to base parts and labour.
    • New machines purchased for commercial use – 6 months back to base parts and labour.
    • Refurbished machines purchased for commercial use – 3 months back to base parts and labour.