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If you like video games then you are sure to love retro arcade games! There are lots of classic games that have been popular for many years and it doesn’t matter what new technology brings, you just can’t beat the classics. Of course, the retro arcade games that everyone needs are the ones from the golden age of video games. These are iconic and everyone recognises the titles and still loves playing them. No matter what age you are, you can have so much fun with them. Hire one of our retro arcade machines, with our arcade machine hire service.

Space Invaders was first released in 1978 and ever since then it has been a major hit. So, if you are feeling nostalgic, you have got to check out the Space Invaders Arcade Machines. Now this classic game can take pride of place in your home or at your next event as you try to survive the invaders’ bombardment. It will really test your reflexes and gaming skills as the enemies increase their speed and fire rate as you keep advancing through the levels. So, can you get the new highest score?

Another one of the kings of retro gaming has got to be Galaxian! This game makes you the shooter and you control the spaceship as you take on enemy aliens that descend in all directions. Every stage gets more and more challenging; so, are you up for it? If you are into retro arcade games then you will know all too well how addictive Street Fighter Arcade Machines are! This one was one of the biggest games ever, as you play a martial arts master and take on other fighters across the globe. You can climb the ranks and play different characters if you have the moves. Plus, this is a two player machine, which means that you can take on friends and family!

For real gaming memories, you have got to get your hands on a Pacman Arcade Machine! Everyone loves the bright colours and excitement of this retro game, as you guide Pac-Man through the maze to evade being caught by the multi-coloured ghosts, called Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde. Of course, make sure you grab those Power Pellets around the maze to earn bonus points! Are you ready? One of the best classic arcade shooting games has got to be Time Crisis. This is a first-person shooter by Namco that everyone still loves and it was even the first game to have the GunCon light gun. You take on the role of an agent that has got to eliminate the threats that are endangering the nation, with different scenarios for you to play. This means that it is a fantastic addition to the home or to hire for events and parties; you will be entertained for hours.

With the Jurassic Park Arcade Machine, you can jump into the back of the Ford Explorer tour vehicle and help save the island. This classic game was released back in 1994 after the original Jurassic Park movie and it continues to be a hit with gamers. The seats move and this shooter game will keep your family or guests amused for hours! Do you love the Star Wars movies? Well, now you can enjoy the games with amazing Star Wars Arcade Machines! The classic Star Wars arcade game was named one of the greatest of all time, which means that everyone is going to love going back in time and enjoying a shot on this fantastic game. You will take on the role of Luke Skywalker and your job is to survive on the X-wing fighter and destroy the Death Star. Have you got what it takes to take on Darth Vader and TIE fighters

When we talk about retro arcade games, we can’t miss out on the amazing Asteroids Arcade Machine! This was a real classic and one that is still great fun to play today. This is a space shooter that was created in 1979, as you take control of a spaceship and aim to destroy the asteroids and saucers that come your way. Of course, the game gets harder and harder as you progress, with the number of asteroids steadily increasing. So, make sure you give your guests a challenge at your next event or let all the family play at home with Asteroids

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