iBoxer Boxing Machine

£3,400.00 Exl VAT

Unleash your inner champion with the iBoxer Boxing Machine! Step up to the challenge and test your strength and speed in this exhilarating arcade-style boxing experience.

Please note: This price is with the standard iBoxer design. The image of the Arsenal branding shows how it can be customised with your very own bespoke design!

Delivery Information
Manchester / North West £150.00 each way
Birmingham / Midlands £250.00 each way
London /South £350.00 each way


Do you fancy yourself as the next Mike Tyson, Klitschko or Anthony Joshua? Test the power of your punch with our iBoxer Boxing Arcade Machine for hire and for sale.
Ideal for hire for pubs. amusement arcades and events, the iBoxer Punching machine scores on how hard you strike. Beat your friends or attempt to beat the high score.

Have you got what it takes to outbox the iBoxer?

  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Great Sound – as loud as Music Box
  • Wide demo program (music plus illumination)
  • Only LED and OLED lighting makes low voltage consumption
  • Voice advertisements in stand-by mode (changeable by operator)
  • OLED display backlight
  • Game measures the strength of hit in boxer training bag
  • Programmable coin acceptor
  • Points, high score and credits individual displays automatic decrease of machine record in amount of time
  • MP3 stereo music
  • 4 speakers sound system (volume, low and high tones tuned)
  • Voice announcement with music background placed on flash card
  • USB connection
  • Wide demo program (music plus illumination)
  • Led lighting makes low voltage consumption
  • Changeable difficulty levels

Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 70 × 219 cm