Galaxian Retro Arcade Machine

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This is your opportunity to own rare retro original Galaxian arcade machine! This game expands on the simple yet addictive gameplay pioneered by gaming classic Space Invaders.

You can also hire the Galaxian machine.

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How to Play Galaxian?

The Galaxian is fiendishly addictive, but how is it played?

The object of the game

Much like its predecessors Space Invaders & Galago, the aim of the game is to destroy the 46 strong convoy of aliens in formation. You will fire shots from your player rocket ship, wiping out the alien army one level at a time. There is only one goal, stay alive as long as possible, collecting as many points as possible. You must dodge and hit the alien foes for as long as possible without the rocket ship blowing up. Attain a high score to beat your friends, or more importantly, make the leader board.

Gameplay & Rules

At level one the alien formations will move more slowly and break away less, making it easier to move out of harms way. As you move up the levels the gameplay becomes faster and your reaction time is key to advancing the levels. Aswell as firing shots your way, the aliens will breakaway and attempt to ram you.

Each colour of alien is assigned with a number of points, the more aggressive aliens being higher value. Players can decide on the best strategy to suit their playing style to rack up the points.

With the player’s rocket ship only able to move left or right, the player must be careful to successfully evade the oncoming dive-bombing aliens who often change direction at the last second.

  1. You get a total of 3 lives.
  2. Get a bonus life if you can score 5000 points.
  3. The maximum points you can earn on each level is 4640 points.
  4. You can only fire one shot at a time until the first shot has left the screen, so be precise!
  5. Your spacecraft can only move left and right at a constant speed.
  6. You get more points when you shoot a Galaxian when charging rather than as part of the convoy.
  7. Blue Galaxian = 30 points in convoy or 60 point charging.
  8. Purple Galaxian = 40 points in convoy or 80 point charging.
  9. Red Galaxian = 50 points in convoy or 60 point charging

Galaxian Game Glossary

  • Chargers – The aliens who leave the formation to attack!
  • Flagships – The motherships, the highest scoring, most dangerous of the Galaxians.

Simple to play yet challenging to master, Galaxian remains one of the arcade classics.

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Dimensions 89 × 68 × 167 cm