Original Asteroids Retro Arcade Machine

£3,650.00 Exl VAT

Now you can own your very own original refurbished Asteroids arcade machine! The perfect addition for the home, games room or work place.

You can also hire the Atari Asteroids cabinet.

Delivery Information
Manchester / North West £150.00 each way
Birmingham / Midlands £250.00 each way
London /South £350.00 each way


Dimensions 80 × 64.5 × 185 cm




Measurements are approximates and may vary between products.

  • Type: Vector
  • CRT: Black and White 19-inch Electrohome G05-802/805
  • Gameplay: Alternating Buttons: Rotational (left, right)
  • Control Panel Layout: Single Player
  • Buttons: 3
  • Sound: Unamplified Mono (requires one-channel amp) Control panel has 1 or 2 players option

Game: Your space craft is dangerously situated among fast moving asteroids in a belt that can destroy your ship on contact. Armed with a front mounted weapon and the ability to hyperspace, you fly through the debris, destroying each rock one piece at a time. Alien saucers visit the playfield from time to time with an eye towards destroying your ship!

Game Play: The most famous play tactic for Asteroids is the “hunting” strategy. The player destroys all asteroids except for one that almost clears the playfield and makes it relatively safe. This allows the player to hunt for alien saucers without worrying about being smashed by a lot of flying debris.