House of the Dead Arcade Machine

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House of the Dead was one of Sega’s most popular arcade games during the late 90’s. This on-rails shooting arcade machine proved a hit with fans. The game is set upon a chilling backdrop of Curien mansion where you must face a terrifying onslaught of enemies from wicked creatures to rampant zombies.

You can also hire House of The Dead.

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Equipped with two light guns, this two player arcade shooter game puts you into the shoes of Thomas Rogan and G, two agents investigating the experiments of Dr Curien.

With his sinister creations running loose, you must shoot your way through the House of the Dead to complete the game. Accuracy in this game is key. Just like in the movies, aim for the head when shooting zombies for the fastest kill. If you’re being attacked by an armed creature, make short work of it by blasting off its arms. Not all enemies will be easy to take down.

Each chapter end features its own boss including the armoured super soldier Chariot, super spider crab Hermit and pyrokinetic The Magician.

Armed with 6 rounds, shoot off-screen to reload your gun and continue your battle for survival. In your quest to reach the end, you must try to make sure not to shoot any human hostages else this will cost you a life.

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Dimensions 90 × 81 × 186 cm