Sega Rally 1 Upright Arcade Machine

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Arcade Direct are pleased to offer this refurbished Sega Rally 1 Championship 1995 Upright Arcade Machine available for hire and for sale with immediate delivery.
One of the all-time arcade classics, kids and adults alike would be itching to get on the Sega Rally game during the 1990’s with the upright cabinet featuring a steering wheel and dual pedal controls to accelerate and brake.

The first arcade game in the series, Sega Rally Championship 1995 features two modes; Practice and Championship. Practice mode allows you to race against the AI on any one of the three available tracks (Desert, Forest and Mountain) for a number of laps. If you have a competitive streak, then Championship mode is where the action really comes alive.
Put the pedal to the metal and race against 14 other computer-controlled cars to reach the finish line.
Race your way through each stage, starting with the Desert followed by Forest and Mountain with each track more difficult than the last. With directions presented on-screen and verbal prompts during the game, you can preempt those left and right hand bends and hairpins. A combination of control and speed will be needed to reach each checkpoint throughout the race in the allocated time or face disqualification and the dreaded Game Over screen.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Sega Rally driver? Hire our Sega Rally 1 Upright Arcade Machine today.

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