Dance Machine Hire

Daily Hire Price

£595.00 Exl VAT

Long Term Hire: 85.00+ VAT per week

Everyone loves to dance and there is no better way to get everyone on their feet than with this original refurbished dance arcade machine hire! This is a classic that everybody remembers and now is your opportunity to hire this authentic retro machine for events and parties across the country. It’s time to bring the beat!

Delivery Information: The below pricing is for guidance only. Exact transport costs will be advised on requesting your quote.
Manchester / North West £150.00 each way
Birmingham / Midlands £250.00 each way
London /South £350.00 each way


How to play

The game is played by stepping on arrows which correspond to the music being played, the player must follow the beat in time by pressing their feet on panels called dance mats.

Gameplay has three basic components, tapping in time to arrows with your feet, using directional controls when they are available and stepping on specific panels in order to receive in-game rewards.

The original game offers four modes: Solo, Versus, Double and Training.

  • Solo mode allows the player to practice each song on a specific difficulty level.
  • Versus would be used at arcades or parties where two players can play simultaneously, competitively or co-operatively, finishing songs for ‘the best score’.
  • Double is also used in arcades and parties, it requires another set of pads to be connected.
  • Training mode is used to learn moves in order to begin playing songs.

Additional information

Weight 427 kg
Dimensions 216 × 178 × 225 cm




How does it work?
  • Choose your favourite machines
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  • Let us know how long you need the machine for
    You can hire for a single event or longer term, simply let us know and we can give you a bespoke quote.
  • Let Arcade Direct take care of the rest
    Our team of experts will prepare your machine and deliver it to your chosen location.
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