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Event Hire Packages

With our event arcade machine hire packages there’s something for everyone! Are you organising an event, party, wedding or marketing activity? If you are looking for something to make it extra special then this is perfect! Create a talking point for all your guests or an interesting attraction.

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We will deliver, set-up, and collect the arcade machines from your event or workplace, and even provide operators (if required). We are equally pleased to cater for the small one arcade machine requirement, to large multiple hires over a period of one day or many months. In addition to the arcade machine hire packages below, we can also offer a range of other services including photo booth hire, fairground stall hire, and even chocolate fountain hire on request.

Why should you choose one of our event hire packages from Arcade Direct? Well, we think it is pretty simple. You can choose a theme that is going to complement your party or event perfectly. We know the importance of having arcade machines that match your décor or theme and that is why we have a range of event hire packages that are going to offer something for everyone. In addition, what we love about the event hire packages is that they are more cost effective than hiring more than one machine. An event hire package is going to be more budget friendly and mean that you can have more arcade games at your party or event but for less money.

Kids Party Hire Package

Every child’s birthday party should be an exciting occasion and make them feel special. So, how can you make sure that your kid has an awesome time with their friends? Well, we recommend the fantastic Kids Party Package! This is going to amuse your child and his or her friends all day long. There is the dance machine to have a boogie, as well as the Sega Rally machine so that they can race against their friends.

Perfect Party Hire Package

If you want to make sure that you have a party to remember, there is no better way to entertain guests than with the Perfect Party Package. Now you can hire lots of machines for less, with racing machines such as Sega Rally and play all of your favourite retro games with the Voyager Deluxe Arcade Machine that has up to 75 games. In addition, you can enjoy some non-violent shooting contests with the Point Blank arcade machine so that your party is suitable for all ages.

Pixels Party Hire Package

Loved the PIXELS movie? You can join in the fun of the Pixels Party Package! This is the best package for fans of the original retro games, with some fantastic arcade machines to relive your childhood. This includes the choice of games such as the Original Pac Man, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Defender and Asteroids. You can choose your favourite and let all of your guests join in the fun and see if they can beat the high score. You can never beat the classic games!

Race Ahead Party Hire Package

Do you love cars and racing? Well, there is going to be no better event hire package than the Race Ahead Party Package! This is perfect for petrol heads, whether it is a car event or a special birthday party. You can get behind the wheel on the Sega Rally arcade machine and choose from different tracks in your favourite motor. In addition, there is the NASCAR Pinball table that is full of fun; can you grab the top score?

Star Wars Party Hire Package

If you are a fan of the Stars Wars movies, you are going to love the Star Wars Party Package! Now you can bring the magic of the movies to your event or party with a range of arcade games that are based on real scenes and have your favourite characters. For example, you can climb into the X-Wing Cockpit and become Luke Skywalker to save the day, as well as enjoy the excite of the Star Wars Trilogy Pinball machine.

Ultimate Fighter Party Package

Everybody loves a bit of competition and with the Ultimate Fighter Party Package, you can bring some of your fighting skills to the arena! To practice your shooting skills, there is the amazing House of the Dead. You can pick up your gun and see if you can make it through this scary game and beat the enemy. If you like boxing then you are going to love the boxing machine. You can test your strength and see how hard you can punch in this sporty arcade game.