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Why Installing Games in the Office is Good for Productivity


Has the productivity taken a dip in your office lately? When it is busy and there is a lot to do in the office, you can notice that the atmosphere is stressful and unproductive. Most employees will be looking forward to going home and relax. But, what if there was a way to bring the fun back to the workplace? You can hire these acrade machines long term- with great discounts available compared to short-term.

Employees are the greatest asset to your company and you need them to be at the top of your game every day. Many studies have found that having arcade games in your office is a way to boost productivity even during the busier times of the year. You may think that this means spending less time actually working, but a time-out from the hectic schedule and even boring work that you have to do is going to make sure you concentrate more and worker hard when you actually are working. More and more companies are choosing to have games in the office to boost their employee productivity.

So, let’s have a look at why arcade games are going to be a fantastic addition to your office!

Relieving Stress

Let’s face it; sometimes days at work are stressful and you are dealing with mountains of paperwork or difficult customers. If only there was a way to unwind and escape for 10 minutes. Well, now there is! Arcade machines allow employees time to relieve their stress during the day and a quick game can work wonders for getting rid of pressure and relax. For example, who wouldn’t want a shot at Pacman? This is a favourite retro game that everyone knows and loves. Games are pretty short, which means employees can spend some much-needed time away from their desk and try to escape the multi-coloured ghosts and collect the Pac-Dots. Before you know it, employees will be ready to return to their desk and deal with the work they have got to do with a fresh mindset.

Fun Break

A lot of people sit around aimlessly or scroll through social media during their break because of boredom and needing something to do. This can mean when it comes to the time to head back to their desk, no one is refreshed and ready to go again; they are only passing the time until it is the end of the day. But, with arcade games, employees can actually have fun in their break and feel good again. Being able to step away from a difficult task for a few minutes can be just what you need to solve the problem. So, why not have pinball machines in your office? Whether you choose a Star Wars theme or even Family Guy for a laugh, everyone can spend their break doing something different and feeling that their break was time well spent. They can even try to break their high score and feel a sense of accomplishment! You could even start a competition in the office to see who can win.

Bring Employees Together

Good morale and team work are important for productivity in the office. So, what better way to bring everyone together and bond than over a game in the office? Talking about a common theme can get people talking that would not normally interact and you may be surprised to see new friendships form. Plus, there are loads of multi-player games that you can choose from that will allow everyone to play together. You can also choose to have a pool table in your workplace, which will allow people to enjoy a game during their break together or even start a tournament so that you have different people coming together to play. Air hockey is also a favourite from arcades that lets two people play and it is fun for other people to watch and encourage the players.

Increase Creativity

There are even studies to suggest that having arcade games in the office can boost creativity. Who doesn’t want that for their workplace? There are plenty of strategy games that can get your employees thinking. For example, the Time Crisis II Twin Arcade Machine allows two people to work together and try to save the world from evil. This is a popular retro game that is action-packed and has two handguns and huge monitors for everyone to enjoy. This game will definitely get everyone talking and before you know it, they will have the creative juices flowing and ready to get back to their desk and apply them to their workload. There are loads of games like this that you can choose from!


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