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Five Ways to Spice Up Your PR Event or Corporate Event


Are you arranging a PR event and want to make sure that it is memorable? Well, you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you ways you can make sure that people remember your brand and have a great interaction with you. Whether you are solidifying relationships with your customers or trying to attract new ones and promote your products or brands, you can never underestimate the importance of a good PR event.

You would be surprised how fun can shake up a normal corporate event and make it more interesting. After all, you want people to remember your business for being exciting and making them feel happy; this is going to be why people remember your new products or brand in the future. You have got to put on a show!

So, how can you spice up your PR event? Well, it all lies in the entertainment that you can offer while you are marketing. Let’s look at five ways you can get everyone’s attention.

Bring Back Retro Games

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it has got to be playing games. So, why not bring back some of the best games to ever exist from the golden age of arcade games at your PR or corporate event? You can attract people of all ages to your PR event when you feature arcade games that are popular and offer them the opportunity to play and try to beat the high score. It is easy to hire one of the popular for your PR or corporate event. This includes the , where everyone loves to take on the multi-coloured ghosts and collect the dots around the maze. In addition, is another classic that everyone loves, as you take on the aliens and battle your way through the different levels.

Run Contests

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone and this is a fantastic way to get everyone mingling at your PR event. People like to win and you can even offer prizes from your business or brand to add to the occasion. It is a great way to have fun, build relationships and market products and your brand. For some good clean fun, check out the that you can hire for your PR event. Air hockey tables have always been a popular choice of game at the arcades, which lets you play against someone else and it is the person who scores the most pucks that wins. In addition, you can choose from exciting so that you can grab a friend and battle it out together.

Feature a Special Guest

Sometimes it can take a little bit of persuasion to get people to your PR event. So, if you have the budget and venue for it, why not invite a special guest? This way you can have people excited and wanting to attend your event. Once they are there, it is a great way to market your brand and show off any new products that you have. A special guest will definitely create more of a buzz around your PR or corporate event!

Custom Arcade Machines

If you really want your PR event to be memorable, then you need to check out . Now you can enjoy having exciting classic arcade games that everyone loves but with a twist. You can personalise the machine design, which allows you to choose the colours of the sides, as well as insert your own brand and logo for everyone to see. Now customers will know who you are and associate your business with fun! You can transform what the arcade game machine looks like and still keep the fantastic and original game to play. Companies such as SnapChat have done this on their roadshows to market their brand. In addition, when TopShop launched their Stranger Things line, they had fully customised retro game machines to mark the special occasion. Why not give it a try?

Live Music

Music is a great way to capture everyone’s attention so when you are having a PR or corporate event, why not consider bringing in a live band or singer to play? You can welcome them to the stage and make them part of the big day, keeping customers entertained. Music is also a good way to uplift your mood, which means that you can keep them engaged for longer and to introduce your brand and new products without customers losing interest.


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