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Which are the best Arcade Games to hire in the UK?

Do you love playing video games and want to find out more about the best ones to hire? Well, you have come to the right place. It does not matter how many modern games come out, there are some classic gamesthat never get old. They still have fantastic storylines and offer challenges that will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, they are usually easy to understand with only a few buttons to use.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best retro arcade gamesout there.


The Lost World: Jurassic Park Arcade Machine

Are you a fan of the Jurassic Park movie franchise? Then you have got to play the Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade machine. You can reminisce with this classic game that will let you take on the adventure of this movie. This is a fun shooting game where you can pick up the gun and aim on this infested island. It is run with dinosaurs and you have got to try and survive and take down the threats. There are five stages in this game that you can battle through. What’s more, this is a two-player game. This means that you can grab a friend and play together. We cannot think of a better game to play if you like dinosaurs and a challenge!


Dance SuperNOVA Arcade Machine

When you were down at the arcade with your friends as a kid, one of the machines you probably loved was the Dance SuperNOVA arcade machine. This was one of the most popular dance machines around and it still continues to be a fun one for friends and family to enjoy together. You can choose your favourite tune and see if you can follow all the moves on the light up arrow pads. You can choose the level to suit your own ability. It is so much fun and everyone loves to watch. What’s more, you can challenge your friend to a dance-off. This is a two-player game, so grab your friend and see who is a better dancer!

time crisis II twin arcade machine

Time Crisis II Twin Arcade Machine

Everyone that loves gaming has heard of the Time Crisis II Twin Arcade Machine. This twin shooter game has been a hit ever since it was released. Players can pick up their own gun and see if they can become the best elite special agents. You can see if you can save the day and test your shooting skills. Of course, this game was a novelty because it also introduced the foot pedal into the gaming sphere. This allows you to duck and avoid fire, as well as shoot at the enemies. Do you have what it takes to win?


Star Wars X-Wing Upright Arcade Machine

If you are a big Star Wars fan then you have got to check out the Star Wars X-Wing Upright Arcade Machine. This Is an exciting game where you can play Luke Skywalker and become a pilot of your very own X-wing fighter. You can move across the surface of the Death Star and see if you can defeat your enemies. Of course, this is all while manoeuvring and avoiding enemy fire. You have six lives and the challenge is see how far you can get. Another great thing about this game is the voices and effects that you will recognise from the movie.


Pac-Man Arcade Machine

All ages love to play Pac-Man! This is a fantastic game to play and it has been one of the most popular games ever since the 1980s. You take control of the yellow Pac-Man character and zoom around the maze collecting all of the dots and points. There are also different fruits on every level, which offer you bonuses and more points. You will have a number of lives that you want to keep. Of course, this is all while dodging the four coloured ghosts that are chasing you. They are named, Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde. Do you think you can avoid them? The levels get progressively harder and will really test your skills. This game is a lot of fun and it is suitable for all ages to enjoy. It is going to the main attraction at any event or party; the best part is that you can get your hands on one of the original gaming machines!


Point Blank Arcade Machine

Do you want to brush up on your shooting skills? Then you better pick up the gun and check out Point Blank! This is a fantastic shooting game that is suitable for all skill levels and ages. So, if you are looking for a non-violent shooting game that is fun and challenging for everyone, you have found it. This game was created in 1994 by Namco and there are scenarios that are going to test your accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination. For example, you can fire at falling leaves, hit the cardboard criminals and hit parachuting targets. You even get to choose your character that you like and the aim of the game is to get the highest score that you can.


Daytona USA Twin Arcade Machine

If you love to drive fast, there is no better game than the Daytona USA Twin Arcade Machine. It is time to get your racing helmet on and hit the tracks with this one, as you can choose your car and become a NASCAR driver. You can hit speeds of up to 200 mph, taking on bends and straights. This game was created in 1994 and it continues to be an exciting and thrilling racing game. After all, not everyone gets to drive on the world-famous Daytona Race Track! The great thing is that you can enjoy this game with a friend. There are two driving seats and wheels so you can see who wins.

Astral Fighter Arcade Machine

Astral Fighter Arcade Machine

One thing that gamers have always loved is fighter games. This is a thrilling way to challenge yourself and see if you can become champion. If you love to play these types of games, you have got to check out the Astral Fighter Arcade Machine. This features the Astral games engine, which includes lots of popular titles that you can play anytime you want. In fact, there are 300 games for you to enjoy. This includes retro classics, such as Street Fighter, as well as others like Donkey Kong, Galaxian and Wonder Boy. You can enjoy hours of entertainment all on the one machine. We cannot think of anything better!

Long Term Boxing Machine Hire

Airbrush Boxing Machine

Are you a big fan of boxing? There is going to be no better game for you than the Airbrush Boxing Machine. This is going to deliver excellent entertainment, with booming music, LED lights and commanding voices. Of course, every player is welcomed up to punch the bag and give it their best shot. Of course, the aim of the game is to score the most points with your punch. What’s more, you are able to change the difficulty levels. Which means that everyone can enjoy a challenge. So, if you want to bring some fun boxing ringside at your event or party, check out the boxing machines we have available at Arcade Direct.



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