Buffalo Air Hockey Typhoon 7ft


The Buffalo Typhoon Air Hockey Table stands as a professional-sized marvel, boasting features typically reserved for commercial models. With a fine cabinet design accentuated by black and aluminum details, this table achieves a highly contemporary aesthetic. The playing surface, crafted from stainless steel with intricate geometrical patterns, delivers high-speed play, demanding players’ dynamism, concentration, quick reflexes, and movement coordination. Sturdy and stable, the Typhoon is a brilliant addition to any games room.

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  • Very Robust Model, 7ft: The Typhoon is a robust 7ft model, providing durability and stability for an outstanding gaming experience.
  • Stainless Steel Playing Field: The scratch-resistant stainless steel playing field rewards players with high-speed play, adding an extra layer of excitement to each match.
  • Quirky Design: The unique design, featuring black and aluminum details, sets the Typhoon apart, creating a contemporary and stylish gaming centerpiece.
  • Very Suitable for Intensive Use: Designed to withstand intensive use, the Typhoon is built for lasting performance and enjoyment.
  • Teamplay (2 against 2): Enjoy the camaraderie of team play with the capability for intense 2 vs. 2 matchups, adding a social dimension to your air hockey experience.
  • Excellent Playing Characteristics: Benefit from excellent playing characteristics that make the Typhoon a standout choice for air hockey enthusiasts.
  • Chromed Overhead Bridge with Score Counter: The table features a stylish chromed overhead bridge housing an electronic score counter, adding a touch of sophistication to the gaming setup.
  • Adjustable Legs: Customize the table height to your preference with adjustable legs, ensuring comfort for players of all ages.
  • Includes 4 Pushers with Felt and 4 Pucks: The Typhoon comes complete with 4 pushers with felt and 4 pucks, providing all the accessories needed for immediate gameplay.
  • Easy to Install: Setting up the Typhoon is a straightforward process, allowing you to get into the game quickly and effortlessly.
  • Power Consumption: The table is equipped with two powerful motors (45W each) for an enhanced gaming experience, along with a score counter with a power consumption of 45W.
  • Not Suitable for Commercial Use: While perfect for home use, please note that the Buffalo Typhoon is not suitable for commercial settings.


  • 16mm thick MDF cabinet with black coating and chromium-plated profiles with anti-bump and scratch-resistant finishings
  • Handrails coated with aluminum effect laminate PVC with corners in black laminate PVC
  • Sturdy legs in heavy-duty 16mm thick MDF with black coating and chromium-plated profiles
  • Leg levelers allow perfect playing on uneven surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant stainless steel playing field
  • Iron tube double roll bar with display in plastic material bearing and electronic score counter to record goals
  • 220V High-performance Blower with ON/OFF switch button (with 220/24V transformer) (30 Watt)
  • Puck recovery behind each goal
  • Complies with European harmonized safety rules EN 71
  • Includes 4 pucks and 4 bats

The Buffalo Typhoon, weighing a substantial 103 kilograms, is meticulously finished with a large playing surface, raised edge frames, and an electronic score counter. Ideal for team play, this table encourages tournaments with family and friends, providing hours of shared fun. Beyond the entertainment value, air hockey is also an ideal activity for improving reactions and eye/hand coordination—an educational and sporting entertainment in the comfort of your own home!


  • Length: 214cm x 122cm x 82cm
  • Net Weight: 103kg
  • Gross Weight: 115kg
  • Dimensions when Packed: 222cm x 128cm x 32cm
  • Playing Field: 193cm x 102cm

Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 214 × 122 × 82 cm





Non-Commercial Use