Buffalo Air Hockey Hurricane II 7ft


Immerse yourself in the excitement of arcade-style air hockey with the 7ft Buffalo Air Hockey Table “Hurricane II.” This superb value table brings the competitive thrill of the game played at your local bowling center or arcade right into the heart of your home. Experience authentic gameplay with features like an overhead scoreboard, convenient puck and bat storage, and dual motors for that extra oomph!

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  • Robust 7ft Model: The Buffalo Hurricane II is a robust 7ft model designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability for hours of thrilling gameplay.
  • Teamplay (2 against 2): Enjoy the camaraderie of team play with the capability for intense 2 vs. 2 matchups, adding a social dimension to your air hockey experience.
  • Excellent Playing Characteristics: Benefit from excellent playing characteristics that make every game on the Hurricane II a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  • Chromed Overhead Bridge with Score Counter: The table features a stylish chromed overhead bridge housing an authentic score counter, adding a touch of sophistication to the gaming setup.
  • High Gloss Playing Surface: Glide your puck across the high-gloss playing surface, ensuring smooth and fast-paced action that mimics the excitement of professional air hockey.
  • Adjustable Legs: Customize the table height to your preference with adjustable legs, ensuring comfort for players of all ages.
  • Includes 4 Pushers with Felt and 4 Pucks: The Hurricane II comes complete with 4 pushers and 4 pucks, providing everything needed for competitive gameplay.
  • Easy to Install: Setting up the table is a hassle-free process, allowing you to get into the game quickly and effortlessly.
  • Power Consumption: The table is equipped with two powerful motors (45W each) for an enhanced gaming experience, along with a score counter with a power consumption of 45W.
  • Not Suitable for Commercial Use: While perfect for home use, please note that the Buffalo Hurricane II is not suitable for commercial settings.

Additional information

Weight 96 kg
Dimensions 213 × 122 × 82 cm





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