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We only stock the best chairs on the market from great brands such as Brazen.  Their ergonomic design, quality castor wheels and swivelling mechanisms will give you the mobility that you need when you are at a desk. This also makes the gaming chair versatile, meaning you can use it for studying and watching movies.

Quality PC gaming chairs for gaming or office use

Shop our range of PC gaming chairs, designed to provide comfort and support while you enjoy your favourite games; no more aches and pains. Ordinary office chairs are not always designed to encourage good posture, which is essential when you are sitting down at a desk for long periods of time.

Investing in a quality PC gaming chair will prevent slouching. When you do not maintain good posture, blood flow can be restricted and this can weaken the muscles over time. However, a well-built PC gaming chair encourages the correct posture so that you can avoid future back problems.

By having a quality chair with a headrest provided, you gain support for the neck. It can lower the risk of developing strains after long gaming sessions with friends and family. Look out for gaming chairs that have padding and cushions. In particular, head and lumbar support are going to be advantageous.

We also stock a range of Bluetooth gaming chairs, but these are really more suited to console gaming. They allow you to connect your chair to your television or computer if they have Bluetooth function. There are speakers in the headrest of the chair and you can add excitement to your games with surround sound. You will not believe the difference it can make and you can fully immerse yourself in your game.

At Arcade Direct, we have an amazing collection of gaming chairs. With different colours and styles to choose from, you can select a style that you love.