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Most Famous Driving Arcade Games


One of the most thrilling themes when it comes to games is racing. Getting behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle has always been a favourite for all ages of gamers since it is fun and exciting, as well as challenging.

There are new games coming out every month that claim to be the next biggest thing. But, sometimes you can’t beat the classics and the proven favourites that have emerged over the years. Retro games are still features in amusement arcades and bowling alleys for a reason; they are still great fun to play. So, let’s have a look back at some of the most famous driving arcade games ever!

Daytona USA Arcade Game

There is no doubt that one of the best driving arcade games ever has got to be Daytona USA arcade game! This was released in 1994 and offers an unrivalled driving experience even to this day. It even influenced future driving games. You can sit in the driving seat of NSCAR and race around the world at the famous Daytona Race Track. With peddles and a steering wheel, this is a realistic competition and you can hit speeds of up to 200 mph. Plus, with competitive multi-player modes, you are not just playing against the machine, but you can also challenge your friends too!

Sega Rally 1 Arcade Game

If there is one driving game that you have heard about before it is definitely the Sega Rally 1 Arcade Machine. This is one of the best know racing games probably ever created and it has a range of tracks that you can choose from to have fun. For example, you can speed through the forest and mountain locations, as well as the desert. It is your choice! You have got to beat the other cars that are in the race, as well as the timer, which means you need to pass the checkpoints before the time runs out. This sit-down game lets you jump in the driver’s seat and enjoy using the steering wheel and pedals to win the race. Plus, since this is a two player, it can get really competitive!

Star Wars Racer Arcade Game

If you like retro games, then you will love the Star Wars Racer Arcade Machine. This game was designed way back in 2000 and it continues to be a hit with gamers. It is based on the Podrace scenes that feature in the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which makes it a big hit with movie lovers too. There are four tracks that you can race on and you can choose to play one of the four Podrace pilots that are features. This includes Ben Quadinaros, Gasgano, Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba. All you have got to do is sit in the seat and control the podracer with the handheld throttle controls. So, are you up for the challenge?

Manx TT Twin Arcade Machine

For motorcycle racing, check out the famous Manx TT Twin arcade game. This fantastic game will keep you entertained for hours, with its fun racing gameplay that was created in 1995. You will play at the Isle of Man TT, which is a well-known motorcycle racing event. You can choose what course you want to race on, with one easier than the other so that you can build up your racing skills. It is simple and fun to play, all you have to do is lean left or the right to steer your bike. So, jump onto your motorcycle and get ready to race! Plus, this machine has two bikes, which means that you can race against your friend.

F355 Challenge Twin Arcade Machine

Do you love Ferraris? Then the best game that you are sure to love is the F355 Challenge Twin Arcade Machine. This famous game was perfected by SEGA in 1999 and it was built with Ferrari engineers so that they could replicate a real experience of driving the Ferrari F355 for players. So, now you can enjoy the best driving experience with thrilling sounds and good graphics for the 90s. You can choose to race on one of six world famous race tracks, which includes Suzuka and Long Beach. So, what are you waiting for?

Outrun 2 Arcade Machine

SEGA know how to create racing games and the Outrun 2 Arcade Machine does not fail to disappoint. You can get behind the wheel of a Ferrari and race it around the track, with high-speed bends, traffic and other obstacles to dodge on the way. Just be sure to get through the checkpoints within the time limit to make sure you stay in the game! There are different stages that you can progress to, getting hard and harder each time. Can you complete this game?


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