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Which Arcade Machine would suit my PR Event?


Are you organising a PR event and want to make sure that it is memorable? It can be difficult to think of an idea that makes your brand or business stand out from the crowd. But, we have an idea at Arcade Direct that we think will work well and that is by hiring retro arcade machines!

Everyone loves to play games and it is the best way to bring everyone together and achieve what you want to during your PR event. While everyone has heard about the new modern consoles and games, something that people miss from the past is the classics. Retro arcade machines never go out of fashion and they still prove to be the most popular choice of game for adults and young people alike. It doesn’t matter what kind of PR event you are throwing, you are guaranteed to bring the fun with an arcade machine.

Of course, we have lots of options for you at Arcade Direct. We have refurbished original retro game machines to their former glory and you can hire them for as long as you want. Whether your PR event is one day or a whole week, we can provide you with the perfect retro arcade machine for your venue.

So, let’s have a look at the different arcade machines that you can choose from.

Classic Arcade Machines

You can beat the classic games from the golden age of video games. These are the arcade machines that have made gaming what it is today and you can bring back the memories and nostalgia by choosing one of the classic games for your PR event. This is a sure way to grab everyone’s attention and before you know it, you will have a queue of people just waiting to play and beat the high score.

Some favourite games of all time include Space Invaders, which was released way back in 1978. Everyone loves to shoot at waves of aliens and try to beat the high score. This is one of the best-selling games of all time, which means that everyone will know Space Invaders at your PR event!

Pac-Man is another arcade game that people of all ages love. It is a Japanese game that has been huge around the world since it was created in the 1980s in Japan. People love to take control of the yellow Pac-Man and guide it through the maze and collect the dots while avoiding the multicoloured ghosts. At your PR event, you can always have a competition for the highest score! Take a look at our Retro Arcade Machine hire.

Movie Arcade Machines

People at your PR event won’t be able to resist an arcade game that shows off their favourite movie. One of the biggest movie franchises in history has got to be Star Wars and you will be pleased to hear that we have Star Wars Arcade Machines! Now guests can take on the role of Luke Skywalker or battle it out to be a Jedi Spirit with a range of Star Wars machines. They feature some of the characters and scenes from the movies.

The biggest movie in 1993 was definitely Jurassic Park and now you can add this classic game to your PR event! We have Jurassic Park arcade machines that you can hire for your venue, which features you picking up a gun and trying to survive on an island with dinosaurs. Your guests will be immersed in this game and it created a real challenge that everyone will love. What’s more, this game is multiplayer and has two guns so that two people can play as a team and try to progress through the levels together. This is perfect for PR events where you want people to socialise and what better way to do it than over an arcade game?

Custom Arcade Machines

If you really want your PR event to stand out from the crowd, you have got to hire out one of our custom arcade machines. You can work with our fantastic and experienced graphics reproduction team to re-create the original artwork of your chosen arcade machine so that it looks just like new or you can completely transform it and create your own design. This means that can use your own branding and match the machine to your PR event. No one will have ever seen something like it before! This is the best option to make your arcade machine unique. You can fully personalise the machine and insert images, brand logos and choose the colour. How great does that sound?

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