Best Pandemic Holiday Companies

Best Pandemic Action Holiday Companies

Which holiday companies provided amazing customer service during Covid-19? The coronavirus has caused major disruption across the world. While everybody recognises the importance of social distancing and flattening the curve when it comes to the virus, people have still been left disappointed with events and holidays. Unfortunately, most people have had to cancel the exciting […]

run a staff competition

Run a staff competition to drive office enthusiasm!

Branded arcade machines to boost social media! Here at Arcade Direct, we are experts in creating fully branded arcade machines that can be tailored to your business to create a competition or incentive for your staff.  Short term & long term hire: Whether you are looking for a custom arcade machine to hire for a […]

Works Christmas Party

Add some spark to your Christmas party with interactive products

Plan the ultimate Christmas party The office Christmas party is the perfect way to boost morale and thank your hard-working team for their valuable contribution throughout the year. What better way to return the favour, than with an amazing Christmas party (and a few complimentary drinks!)  Although it may seem like a huge dilemma to […]

Promote Your Brand with a Custom Arcade Machine

If you have been rolling with the same marketing techniques for a while, the likeliness is you have fallen behind on the newest trends. Things move fast in this world of new technology and creativity, so ask yourself, is it time to change your marketing strategy? Having a marketing campaign is the key to attracting […]

Using Arcade Machines to Tie in With Your Themed Event

Photo Above: Top Shop had a spooky arcade in store to promote their new ‘Stranger Things’ range Even Top Shop has been in on the action. They released a Stranger Things clothing range and wanted to create a fun spot for customers to become excited about the new releases. This includes an arcade with the […]

Tips for Driving Your Brand Image at a PR Event

Everybody that has a business knows how important your brand image is. After all, this is how customers and other companies will perceive and view your business, which will result in you being successful or not. When you have a PR event, this is the perfect opportunity to drive your brand image and to build […]